Sunday, January 1, 2012

WBC 25 Point Tasks

Here are the 25 Point Tasks:

Booney - Read a "non-fiction" book about a paranormal subject (i.e. Bigfoot, Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, telekinesis, the jersey devil, chupacabra, spontaneous combustion, yeti, the loch ness monster, hauntings or ghosts etc.). Do not read a novel with characters with telekinesis (such as Carrie) but a "non-fiction" book. I say "non-fiction" because, well....I don't know what else to call it. But the book has to be about the paranormal subject. Such as The Day After Roswell; or Into the Bermuda Triangle etc.

Julie37619 - Read any book from any of the Best American series (Best American Short Stories, Best American Non-Required Reading, Best American Essays, etc).

Read2Me - Read a book with a dessert in the title or about a baker/bakery and then bake something yummy and share with the board via picture (or you can mail each of us a sample for extra bonus points!).

MrandMrsBrist - Read a book (fiction or non-fiction) about a medical mystery.

tims_angel - Read two books in different genres by the same author. Post about which book/genre you liked better, why, and whether you would consider reading additional books by the same author in the other genre.

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