Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Summer Book Challenge 25 Point Tasks

1) KPOW - Read a non-fiction book from the NY Times Notable list from 2009, 2008, 2007, or 2006.There are 200 books to chose from.

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2009 List:

2008 List:

2007 List:

2006 List:

2) FABK - I was a huge fan of the TV show the Gilmore Girls. I have found a couple of lists online of the books read by Rory on the show, or that she quoted. So all you have to do is pick one of her books. Here is the good reads link to about 100 of the 200 books she "read".

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3) Zoieglow - In honor of the end of Harry Potter in July, read a Harry Potter book OR a book with a magic word in the title (for example, magic, wand, spell, witch, wizard, potion, etc). When you're done, learn a magic trick and come back and post what trick you learned and whether you amazed anyone. It can be a card trick, sleight of hand, anything.

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4) anelms - My task is to read a book that was on a bestseller list the year you were born.

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5)MrsGinTN - Decided to let 6th place pick the task so we've got:

Ziggy23213 - Ask your DH/SO to pick out a book for you that they think you would enjoy. Post about why you think they picked it for you, and whether you actually enjoyed it or not. (If you are not in a relationship currently, have a close friend or family member pick a book for you.)

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2011 Summer Book Challenge Tasks

5 pt
read a mystery
read a book chosen based on its cover
read a YA book
read a book with a cover that’s a hot color: red, orange, yellow
read a book you read about in a book blog

10 pt
read a book with a number in its title
read an historical fiction novel
read a book from a summer reading list
read a banned book (banned book week is Sept 24-Oct 1)
read a book that is part of a series

15 pt
read the july, aug, or sept NBC pick and participate in its discussion
read a non-fiction history book
read a book by a Canadian author
read a book not originally published in English
read a book you’ve owned/had on your TBR list for over a year