Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Spring Book Challenge

5 pts
1. Read a book with a one word title

2. Read a book that you already own, but haven't read

3. IHO Cherish an Antique Day (April 9), read a classic

4. Read a book by an author that has an X, Z, or Q in their name

5. Lewis and Clark set off on 5/14/1804: Read a book set somewhere you'd like to go

6. Read a book with a person's entire head not visible (only shows other parts of the body)
Some clarification to this task:

The whole entire head cannot be visable. Part of the head may be visible. The head does not have to be visable at all as long as part of the body is visable.

7. Flowers are (finally!) growing: Read a book with a green cover or with "flower" or a specific flower name in the title

8. Read a book you loved as a child/teenager

9. IHO Earth Day read an ebook, library book, or listen to an audiobook

10. Read something outside

10 pts

1. Read a book about/at a wedding

2. School's out for summer: read a book set in or about high school

3. Read a play by Shakespeare

List of Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare's Complete Works Online

4. Read a book set in or about a country you haven't been to

5. Read a good book: has an average of 4 stars or higher on Goodreads. The book must have at least 50 ratings (not reviews).

6. Read a book with a weather word for the start of hurricane season. Ex: snow, rain, thunder, hurricane, wind, etc.

7. Poll Nesties for your book (out of 5 you suggest)

8. Read a book to continue a series you have already started

9. IHO Pet Owner Day (April 25): book about a pet or animal

10. Read a book about an author (biography, memoir, historical fiction)

15 pts

1. IHO of royal wedding, book about royalty or royal character

2. Holocaust Remembrance Day (May 2): book about/set in the Holocaust

3. Read a book of poetry

4. Read a book in a genre you don't normally read

5. Read a book by an author with your name (first, middle, maiden, or last)

6. Read the April, May, or June NBC pick and participate in the discussion April, May and June NBC picks

7. IHO National Smile Month (June), read a humorous book

8. Read a popular book: a book that has at least 15,000 ratings (not reviews) on goodreads

9. IHO Mother's and Father's Days, get a suggestion from your mom, dad, or other family member from an older generation

10. Read a non-fiction book that isn't a biography or memoir

25 Points

Deborah and Steven:

Read a book about urban farming, sustainable agriculture, or American food policy (200 pages +, not an audiobook) and grow an edible plant. Post a 100 word response to the book and a picture of your plant. Recipes and photos of what you cook with your plant are encouraged but totally optional. If you can't grow a plant, read at least 3 children's books that are set on a farm or in a garden with a child of the appropriate age and post which one was your favorite, which was the child's favorite and why.

dmlk413: Read a non-fiction book about Africa or the Middle East (history, politics, geography, etc). The book can be about a particular country or the region in general. Post your thoughts on the book and whether or not the book impacted your impressions/opinions regarding this part of the world.

pacfan20: Many NBCers have their Goodreads shelves linked in their siggy. Pick a nestie and read one of her 5-star books and one of her 1-star books (or 2-star if she doesn’t have a 1-star). Report back on which nestie you picked, what you thought of the books and how your ratings compared to the nestie you picked.

Read2me:This task is inspired by a Jeopardy category. You will have to read two books- the last word(s) of one title will be the first word(s) of the second. For example:

anelms: experience a book two ways.
First read a book and then either listen to the audio book, watch the movie based on the book, read the comic book based on the book, etc.

Write a short post on which medium you preferred.