Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Book Challenge Tasks

WBC will run from 1/1/2012 until 3/31/2012. Below are the tasks.

5 Point Tasks

read a romance for Valentines Day
read a book with a winter word in the title (ice, snow, winter, cold, etc)
read a Newbery winner
read a Printz winner or honor book
read a play
reread one of your favorite books
read a book by a dead author
read a book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter
read a book that fits any of the 10 or 15 pt categories
read a book with an animal in the title

10 Point Tasks

read a collection of short stories
read a book with 4+ stars on GR
read a book published the year you graduated HS
listen to an audiobook
read a book by an author whose last name begins with J, F, or M
book not originally published in English, enter your favorite author, read a book by an author who pops up
read a book with an African American main character or author
give an author a second chance (you didn't like a book by that author earlier)
read a book you saw on a blog

15 Point Tasks

read a book with one of the 7 deadly sins in the title
read a book written before 1900
read a book about a disaster (natural or man-made)
read a western
read a book from Oprah's book club
read a book that fits an unfinished category from a previous challenge
read a science fiction book
read and discuss the Jan, Feb, or March NBC book
read a book by a celebrity or politician
read a biography of a woman for Women's History Month

In addition, there will be five 25 point tasks selected by random draw from the finishers of the Fall Book Challenge. The 25 point tasks will be announced some time around 1/1.