Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are in our first full week

We had our first check-in today. There is still plenty of time to join in if you want. Mostly just Enjoy the challenge I think it is a good one!

Here are the 25 point tasks

We had a tie so we are doing 6 instead of 5. Enjoy:


1. Mrs.GinTN- Read a book and cook a meal inspired by that book.

2. AdaraMarie-Read a book recommended by the staff at your local library or bookstore. Complete the task by posting a review of the book with no spoilers so we can all learn your opinion of the book.

3.Mac&Chip- Read a book and do an activity that the characters in the book did.

4.RoMoSquare- Read a book over 700 pages:

5. Rebus82- Read a book that you've never read before because it has always intimidated you. Afterward, make a non-spoiler WIJFR post about how you feel about the book now that you've finally read it, and if you feel the original intimidation was justified.

6.danamh83- Read a book written by or about a famous person (living or dead) that you would like to meet. Post a list of questions you would like to ask them, based on what you read in the book.