Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Book Challenge (FBC) Tasks

1. Since everyone's been reading long books lately: short book (under 200 pages)
2. Book you already own (as of 10/1/11), but haven't read
3. Since it's getting dark earlier: book with dark cover (black, dark brown, dark blue, dark purple)
4. Read a book and give it a better title a la betterbooktitles.com
5. Read a book with a picture or drawing of a person on the cover

1. Book that's had a movie made from it
2. Biography or memoir
3. Book by a new to you author
4. Book with average of 4+ stars on GR
5. Read a book with a food word in the title or about food

1. Book by a British author
2. Read and discuss the Oct, Nov, or Dec NBC book or the Halloween book
3. IHO Veterans Day: Read a book set during or about a war (fiction or non)
4. Partner with a nestie and suggest a book to each other. Read that book.
5. Read a book published in 2011.

Still to be determined. I will update when we have the 25 point tasks!

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