Saturday, December 12, 2009

WBC 2010 Tasks

5 Point Task

1. It is snowing so stay inside and stay warm by reading a book while curled up in bed or in a warm bubble bath.

2. Library Lovers month is February so read a book you picked out from the library (actually look at the library not online J)

3. Read a book with a place in the title (city, state, store, street, etc)

4. Comfort food is a winter staple so why not comfort food for the brain. Read a book you haven’t read by one of your favorite author or in your favorite genre.

5. Let the nesties pick your book. Post a clicky poll with 5 books. Most votes wins.

6. It is Valentine’s day read a book with one of the following on the cover: flower, Candy, Chocolate, Wine, Jewelry, or a heart. Or a book with a red or pink cover.

7. Women’s History Month is in March read a book with a Woman main character.

8. We are in the first, second, and third month so read a book in first, second, or third person or has 1,2,3 points of view depending on the month you are reading it in(Ex. Read in March read third person or 3 characters)

9. It is snowy and cold so read a book that makes you think of the beach or warmer weather.

10. January is National Book month so read a book of your choosing.

10 Point Tasks

1. Read the book that has been on your tbr the longest

2. Handwriting Day is January 23rd so read a book written in diary, email, letter, journal form (Ex: Jessica Darling series)

3. Super bowl Sunday is in February so read a book about a rivalry

4. February is Black History Month so read a biography or a book written by an African American Author or with an African American main character

5. National Freedom day is February 1st so read a book about something we are free to do.

6. It is St. Patrick’s day so read a book set in Ireland, written by an Irish author, or has a green cover (Ex: Marian Keyes writes about Ireland)

7. March 14th is Pi day so read a book that has a circle or any other shape on the cover

8. Let’s start the new decade of by reading a bestseller from the 2000s. (Can be any list from 2000-2009)

9. The first day of Spring is March 20th so spring ahead and read a book set in the future.

10. Read a book with 500 pages.

15 point task

1. Read across America day is March 2nd so read 2 books set on different sides of the country or world (Ex. One set in America and one set in Europe)

2. February is the shortest month so make the most of it and read the longest book on your TBR pile.

3. New Year’s resolutions are being made (and broken) so read a book where the main character goes through a major change or makes a resolution.

4. Iho of the ever popular health care debate read a book about a character who has a health condition or helps someone who does (ex: Handle with Care-Jodi Picoult)

5. Read either January, February, or March’s book club book and participate in the discussion

6. Read a book by an author from your state, state you have lived, or would like to live

7. January 19th is National popcorn day so read a book you think would make a good movie (pretend Hollywood wouldn’t mess it up) while eating popcorn. (Bonus if you post your cast)

8. Read a book with 600 pages.

9. Read a book in a genre you don’t normally enjoy.

10. Read a Science Fiction novel

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to join the Challenge. I'm MonTresor32 on Nest, and so far I have 90 points on the New Year's List.