Thursday, October 15, 2009

Suggestions for WBC

I know it is early and I probably wont post an official post on the board until next month, but I do want it done by December because December is obviously a busy month for me and I am sure most of us. Plus it can help us with gift suggestions.

So if you have suggestions go ahead and leave them here if you don't want to forget them. If not start thinking so we can have another great challenge.


Erin said...

One that I think would be super fun is read a book that is written in a diary format or as letters

Ashley said...

I have a bunch.
Pi day-March 14th- read a book with 3.14 rating on goodreads.

March 20th first day of spring-Spring ahead and read a book set in the future.

IHO St. Patrick's day read a book set in Ireland.

It's a new year so read a book by a new author that has only been published in the last 2 years.

National Freedom day is Feb. 1 so read a book about something we are free to do in America.

National Book month is January so read a book of your choosing.

Read across America Day is March 2nd so read 2 books set in different states across America

tapdw said...

IHO St. Patrick's Day, read a book with a green, white or orange cover

IHO of Black History Month (February) read a book by an African American author.

Read a book of poetry IHO of Carl Sandburg's birthday (January 6th)

IHO of Handwriting Day (January 23rd) read a book formatted as a journal/diary or letters.

Read a book written by a Chinese author or a book with a Chinese character IHO of Chinese New Year.

Read a book with a Valentine word in the title (love, heart, sweetheart, candy, flower), etc.

Erin said...

Oh here is another one: read a book that was originally not written in English, in translation or the original!