Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Book Challenge Tasks (SuBc)

Here they are. The actual challenge will not start until July 1. Rules will stay the same as the other challenges:

5 POINT TASKS1. IHO the Beautiful weather read a book while enjoying the outdoors.

2. Take 10 books you want to read and put the titles in a hat, pick one at random and read that book.

3. Read a book with a Summer word in the title (sun, heat, sand, hot, etc).

4. Read a book YOU would considered a beach read (Chick lit, mystery, etc.).

5. IHO Friendship day (August 2nd) read a book about friends or siblings.

6. Read a book with a food or drink in the title.
7. Post a poll on NBC of 5 books of your choice and let the nesties pick your next book (leave up for at least a day)
8. Read a book that takes place at a beach, ocean, lake, or resort.
9. Christmas in July, Read a book about/set during Christmas
10.IHO Dog days of Summer read a book with the word dog in the title or about a dog.

10 POINT TASKS1. IHO summer blockbusters read a book of your choice and then choose your cast, then share with NBC

2. IHO Fourth of July read a book about the revolutionary war or any other important time in your Country’s history.

3. IHO Women’s equality day (August 26th) read a book with a woman as the main character or about a woman you admire.

4. Read a book set in a place you have, will, or would like to travel to.

5. Read a book about a Summer romance or a romance book.

6. Read a book about a library, librarian, book store, or anything else book related.

7. Read a book about getting married, weddings, being married.

8. Read a book with a verb in the title (Walk, run, talk, etc).

9. Read a book you first heard about on NBC.

10. Read a book with a teenager as the main character or set in a high school.

15 POINT TASKS1. Read a book that an author you enjoy has read or suggested.

2. IHO back to school in August read a book off your high school’s summer reading list.

3. Read a book by an author born in July, August, September.

4. Read a book about a disaster or tragedy (Tornado, hurricane, 9/11, plane crash, etc.)

5. Judge a book by its cover, read a book based solely on the cover or title.

6. Read a book about Royalty (Tudors, Princess Diaries, etc)

7. Read July, August, or September’s NBC book and participate in the discussions.

8. Read the first and second (or 3rd and 4th) book in a series

9. Read a book that is at least 500 pages.

10. Second chances- Read a book by an author you didn’t enjoy the first time around.

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