Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come Join

If you are new to the board and are checking out this blog Welcome. You can still join in the fun. Everything that you have read this year counts if you can fit them into a catagory. We still have 2 months. Enjoy!


Amanda said...

Could I please join? From what I can tell so far I have 35 points.

spunkyprincess from The Nest

Ryan and Shelley said...

Can I join too? I have 25 points. How do we let you know each week how many points we have?

My nest name is shellmh.

Anonymous said...

I would love to join. 50 Points total.

My nest name is ssbeke.

How do we tell you our point total each week.

Book Challenge said...

I am doing weekly check-ins on Mondays on The Nest Book Club. I leave them up all day and then I usually tally up the scores on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

M said...

I would love to join!!

I have 75 points with what I have already read!

Thanks for such a fun project!

My nest name is ML4420


Anonymous said...

I want to join! What do I do? SurgeMSU from the Nest too